Corporate Social Responsibility

At MBSL we realise that doing what we do has an impact that goes beyond our direct customers. It has an impact on the people who work for and with us, on the planet as a whole and on the communities of which we are part.

We are striving to ensure that we have the most positive effect we can, while reducing any negative effects to the absolute minimum. We define corporate social responsibility as doing business ethically and in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, while safeguarding growth and profit in line with our expectations.

For example, in relation to the environment:

  • We have committed to sustainable business practices and to ensuring our business is conducted to the highest, ethical, professional and environmental standards.

  • We have operated in a paperless office environment since 2008.

  • For 2019 we have undertaken a “Green Business Initiative” to review our energy consumption and resource efficiency, increasing our efforts to reduce our environmental impact

  • Energy efficiency is built into our policies and procedures and is key factor when acquiring new assets.

  • Waste paper is disposed of in designated shredding and recycling bins and general waste is sorted at source (plastic/aluminium etc) to facilitate recycling as much as possible.

  • We have an energy efficient heating and cooling system in operation.

  • Energy efficient motion sensitive lighting is used throughout our offices.

  • Printer cartridges and mobile phones are recycled to charitable organisations.

  • Filtered tap water rather than bottled water is used and single use plastic cups have been eliminated.